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Every once in a while someone asks...
Why So Many Non-Provincial Songs?


Firstly, we always have and will give priority to those songs which originate with composers and performers of Newfoundland and Labrador music, whether traditional or modern.

Secondly, It can't be denied that much of the musical heritage of the province comes directly or indirectly from other sources. Many songs have been adopted into the culture from Canadian Atlantic provinces, as well as the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, etc.

Songs of non-provincial origin have become an important part of the province's heritage. As such, we provide space for them rather than have a 100% Provincial-only Web site.


#2343 YouTube video by gdgest ℗2013
Used with permission from Sandy Morris


The Aire, in Newfound-Land is wholesome good;
The Fire, as sweet as any made of wood;
The Waters, very rich, both salt and fresh;
The Earth more rich, you know it is no less.
Where all are good, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aire,
What man made of these foure would not live there?

Robert Hayman [1575-1629]


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