Do It Once Again (Harve Bishop) lyrics, video
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Seven years I lived in that city,
Seven years is a long, long time;
I can't say I stopped, but I never reached the top,
In fact, I never ever saved a dime.

I remember hikin' 'cross the country,
Where I slept when the night would fall;
In the morning, I'd be gone without a breakfast,
In fact, I never had a sink at all.

I lived in one small room in a basement,
In a Frenchman's house in Montreal;
I got the urge and moved on into Toronto,
But I wasn't one bit better off at all.

Every night was one-night stands in Toronto,
The wine, women, whiskey flowed so free;
But after seven years I couldn't take it anymore,
I thought it had the better part of me.

As I sit here tonight just talkin' 'bout it,
Tellin' you of places I have been;
This ramblin' feelin's creepin' up around me,
And I got the urge to do it once again.

I think I'll do it over once again;
I'm gonna' do it over once again.

####.... Harve Bishop of Hatchet Cove, Trinity Bay, NL (I Love It Here With You, trk#2, 1989, SWC Productions, English Harbour West, NL) ....####
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