The Banks Of Newfoundland #3
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Ye rambling boys of Erin,
ye rambling boys, beware,
When you go on board of a merchant ship,
blue dungaree jumpers wear;
But have your monkey jackets, boys,
keep them at your command,
And beware of the cold nor'westers
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

We had on board two Irish lads,
Mike Murphy and Pat Moore
In the year of eighteen forty-four
those sailors suffered sore;
They pawned their clothes in Liverpool
and sold their notes of hand,
Not thinking of the cold nor'westers
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

We had on board an Irish girl,
Cassie Higgens was her name,
To her I'd promised marriage,
on me she had a claim;
She tore her flannel petticoat
to make mittens for my hands,
Before she'd see her true love freeze
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

I had a dream the other night,
I dreamt that I was home,
I dreamt that me and my true love
were in old Marylebone -
That we were on old England's shore
with a jug of ale in hand,
But when I woke my heart was broke
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

It's now we're passing the Virgin Rocks,
and stormy winds do blow,
With a crowd of sailors on the deck
a-shoveling off the snow;
We'll wash her down, we'll scrub her decks
with holystone and sand,
And bid adieu to the Virgin Rocks
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

It's now we're passing Sandy Hook
and the cold winds they still blow,
With a tug-boat right ahead of us,
to New York we will go;
We'll fill our glasses brimming full
with a jug of rum in hand,
For while we're here we can't be there
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

####.... Author unknown. English traditional collected by Barry Taylor .....####
From Wikipedia:
Marylebone - an affluent inner-city area of central London, located within the City of Westminster. It is sometimes written as St Marylebone (or, archaically, Mary-le-bone). Marylebone is roughly bounded by Oxford Street to the south, Marylebone Road to the north, Edgware Road to the west and Great Portland Street to the east. A broader definition designates the historic area as Marylebone Village and encompasses neighbouring Regent's Park, Baker Street and the area immediately north of Marylebone Road, containing Marylebone Station, the original site of the Marylebone Cricket Club at Dorset Square, and the neighbourhood known as Lisson Grove as far as the border with St John's Wood. The area east of Great Portland Street up to Cleveland Street, known as Fitzrovia since the 1940s, is considered historically to be East Marylebone.


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