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In these wastes of icebound waters,
From this cold and rugged shore;
Lift your voices, sons and daughters,
Raise a song for Labrador.
Let the mountains hear their glory,
Let the weeds and rocks respond;
Echo to the age-old story,
Strengthening the ancient bond.

Long ago, without our coming,
In the time that went before;
Neither trapper, fisher, trader,
Knew the coast of Labrador.
Yet her children lived in freedom,
From the river to the shore;
Seeking trails to lands uncharted,
Indian and Eskimo.

Keep her heritage of nature,
Learn to love her treasures more;
Though strange ships have brought us hither,
Let our home be Labrador.
Knowing neither town nor city,
Born without a nation's place;
But enduring to the future,
Through the virtue of her race.

####.... Author unknown (Traditional Labrador song) ....####


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