Two Jinkers (Patrick Kevin Devine)
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#904: YouTube video by BetweenTheRock
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Two jinkers in our harbour dwell,
adventuresome and plucky,
The plans they make all promise well,
but always turn unlucky;
Men were hard to get that year,
else sailed we would have sooner,
So to our sorrow and despair,
they shipped aboard our schooner.

Misfortune followed on their trail
whenever they did venture,
And when bad luck did us assail
these two we'd always censure;
To the offer ground you see them bound,
look out for squalls that even',
"Make for the land!" cries every man,
"Here's Jimmy Walsh and Stephen!"

When we landed on the Funks
we had two Cat's Cove ruffians,
They went battin' Carey's Chicks
and said that they were puffins;
When we came to share our eggs
we thought all hands had eaten,
Then found that two had none at all -
poor Jimmy Walsh and Stephen!

In crossing Belle Isle Straits next night,
the orders from the skipper were:
"Keep your canvas all drawn tight,
and on your lee the dipper."
Before the dawn there came a crash,
from stem to stern a shiver,
Then from our bunks we made a dash
and heard a running river.

We found that Stephen was at the wheel,
and Jimmy was the scunner,
That we still lived 'twas good to feel
when two such craytures run 'er;
Our water line a growler rives,
and through the seam comes seivin',
The ocean roaring for the lives
of Jimmy Walsh and Stephen!

Our guardian angels never knew
of such an active season,
We kept our senses all alert
and knew we had good reason;
Such constant strain might crack the brain;
the fishery game I'm leaving,
And if I raise, give all the praise
to Jimmy Walsh and Stephen!

####.... Patrick Kevin Devine [1859-1950] of King's Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL ....####

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The video above features the audio portion of an introduction and solo performance of a variant by Bob Hallett of Great Big Sea during a concert in Belleville, ON, Sept, 2009.

A variant was published in Gerald S Doyle's Old-Time Songs And Poetry Of Newfoundland: Songs Of The People From The Days Of Our Forefathers (2nd Ed, p.11, 1940; 3rd Ed, p.82, 1955).

A variant was arranged and recorded by Jim Payne and Fergus O'Byrne (How Good Is Me Life ©2007 SingSong Inc, St John's, NL).

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Carey's Chick - northern Leach's petrel (Oceanodroma leucorhoa).
Funk - foul smelling; sea-bird nesting colony; funk-bird.
Growler - floating ice especially hazardous to vessels because of its instability or indeterminate size.
Jinker - jinx; person (on a vessel) bringing bad luck; Jonah.
Offer - offshore, away from the land; the further seaward of two (or more) objects or features; outer.
Raise - to begin singing a hymn.
Scunner - look-out on a vessel; barrel-man


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