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#572: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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Oh, the harbour lights are gleamin',
And the evening's still and dark;
And the seagulls are all dreaming,
Seagull dreams on Amherst Rock.
And the mist is slowly drifting,
As the shorefront lights go dim;
And the moon is gently liftin',
As the last ship's - the last ship's - comin' in.

All the sailors got a story,
Some are true, some are false;
But they're always wrecked and they're up on the deck,
And dancin' the St John's Waltz.

And we've had our share of history,
We've seen nations come and go;
We've seen battles rage over land and stage,
Two hundred years and more.
For glory or for freedom,
Or for country or for King;
Or for money or fame, but there are no names,
On the graves where men lie sleeping.

All the nine-to-fives survive the day,
With a sigh and a dose of salts;
They're parkin' their cars and packin' the bars,
Dancin' the St John's Waltz.

Oh, my heart is on the highway,
And I'm sold on goin' to sea;
All the planes fill the skyway,
All the trains run swift and free.
So leave the wayward free to wander,
Leave the restless free to roam;
If there's rocks in the bay, if it's old cliché,
You'll find your way back home.

But don't question or inquire,
What's been gained, what's been lost;
In a world of romance don't miss out on the chance,
To be dancin' the St John's Waltz.

####.... © Ron Hynes (Performing rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved) ....####
Recorded by Ron Hynes (Face To The Gale, Trk#8, 1997, © Wonderful Grand Music/Sold for a Song: TMP, EMI Music, Canada.)

The video above features Ron Hynes performing his own song.

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The video below features the Wonderful Grand Band performing on CBC Television at Quidi Vidi Lake during the Royal St John's Regatta in the summer of 1980.

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#2411: YouTube video by NewfoundlandMusicMan
©2013 ~ Used with permission ~

The video below features Hey Rosetta's Tim Baker (accompanied by Aaron Collis from the Dardanelles on accordion) performing at the Ron Hynes Benefit/Tribute show in the Delta Ballroom, St John's, on September 30, 2012.

#2154: YouTube video by BetweenTheRock
©2012 ~ Used with permission ~

The variant in the video below features a live performance at Erin's Pub in St John's, NL, by Phyllis Morrissey with Dermot O'Reilly, Chris Hennessy, and Kelly Russell on the video Rigs, Jigs, And Songs From The Heart - A Musical Journey From Port Aux Basques To St John's produced in 1988 by Dermot O'Reilly [1942-2007], Piper Stock Productions and CBC Television with assistance from Telefilm Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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#124: YouTube video by kelticknots
©2008 ~ Used with permission ~

The video below features Alan Doyle with friends and family giving Ron Hynes a tearful send-off after the funeral service for Ron in St John's Basilica on November 23, 2015. The following note accompanies the video:
"Alan was called upon to close out what had been a unique and unforgettable funeral service for Newfoundland's own beloved Poet Laureate. And so of course he drew everyone in - Ron's family members, his friends and fellow songsmiths, as well as the entire standing-room-only Basilica crowd - to sing Ron Home together. Alan's singing and Ron's song left them waltzing in the Basilica's aisles. I have not a bit of doubt that Ron would have dearly loved that."
#1335: YouTube video by BetweenTheRock
©2015 ~ Used with permission ~

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Stage - elevated platform on the shore with working tables, sheds, etc, where fish are landed and processed for salting and drying, and fishing gear and supplies are stored; fishing stage.

Notes On Tabs:
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(Capo 2nd Fret)

Oh, the (D)harbour (A7)lights are (D)gleaming,
And the (G)evening's still and (D)dark;
And the (D)seagulls are all (Bm)dreaming,
Seagull (E)dreams on Amherst (A7)Rock.
And the (D)mist is (A7)slowly (D)drifting,
As the (G)storefront lights go (Bm)dim;
And the (D)moon is gently (Bm)liftin',
As the (E7)last ship's - the last ship's - comin' (A7)in.

All the (G)sailors got a story,
Some are (D)true, and some are (G)false;
But they're (E7)always (A7)wrecked, and they're (F#7)up on the (B7)deck,
(E7)And dancin' the (A7)St John's (D)Waltz.

(Turnaround: (E) / / (A7) //(F#7) // (B7) // (E7) // (A7) // (D) // (D)

Oh, we've (D)had our (A7)share of (D)history,
We've seen (G)nations come and (D)go;
We've seen (D)battles rage over (Bm)land and stage,
Two (E7)hundred years or (A7)more.
For (D)glory (A7)or for (D)freedom,
Or for (G)country or for (Bm)King;
Or for (D)money or fame, but there (Bm)are no names,
On the (E7)graves where men lie (A7)sleeping.

All the (G)nine to fives survive the day,
With a (D)sigh and a dose of (G)salts;
And they're (E)parkin' their (A7)cars, and (F#7)packin' the (B7)bars,
(E7)Dancin' the (A7)St John's (D)Waltz.

Oh, my (D)heart is (A7)on the (D)highway,
And I'm (G)sold on goin' to (D)sea;
All the (D)planes fill the (Bm)skyway,
All the (E)trains run swift and (A7)free.
So leave the (D)wayward (A7)free to (D)wander,
Leave the (G)restless free to (Bm)roam;
If there's (D)rocks in the bay, if it's (Bm)old cliché,
You'll (E7)find your (A7)way back home.

But don't (G)question or enquire,
What's been (D)gained, what's been (G)lost;
In a (E)world of ro-(A7)mance don't miss (F#7)out on the (B7)chance,
To be (E7)dancin' the (A7)St John's (D)Waltz.

~ Chords contributed by Willie-O through the Mudcat Cafe ~


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