The Banks Of Newfoundland #5 (English)
(The Yetties)

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Oh, you western ocean laborers,
I would have you all beware,
When you go on board of a packet ship,
no dungaree jumpers wear;
But have a big monkey jacket
always at your command,
For there blow some cold nor'westers
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

We had one Lynch from Ballynahinch,
Jimmy Murphy and Mike Moore,
It was in the winter of sixty-two;
those poor boys suffered sore;
For they pawned their clothes in Liverpool
or sold them out of hand,
[or shipped as they did stand]
Never dreaming of cold nor'westers
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

So we'll rub her down and scrub her down
with holystone and sand,
And we'll bid adieu to the Virgin Rocks
and the Banks of Newfoundland.

We had one female passenger,
Bridget Reilly was her name,
To her I promised marriage,
on me she had a claim;
She tore up her flannel petticoats
to make mittens for us hands,
For she could not see us poor boys freeze
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

The mate jumps up on the capstan head
and loudly he did roar:
Come and rattle her in, me lively lads;
we're bound for America's shore;
Then lay aloft and shake her out
and give her all she'll stand,
And we'll bid adieu to the Virgin Rocks
and the Banks of Newfoundland.

So now it's reef and reef, me boys,
with the canvas frozen hard,
And it's haul and pass, every mother's son,
on a ninety-foot tops'l yard;
Never mind your boots and breeches,
but haul or you'll be damned,
For there blow some cold nor'westers
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

And now we're off Sandy Hook, me boys,
and the land's all covered in snow,
The tugboat will take our hawser,
into New York we will tow;
And on the docks, come down in flocks,
the pretty girls will stand, saying,
It's warmer with me than it is at sea
on the Banks of Newfoundland.

####.... Variant of a British broadside ballad [Laws K25] American Balladry From British Broadsides (G Malcolm Laws, 1957). Arranged by The Yetties (All At Sea, trk#B6, 1973 LP, Argo Records); and (The World Of The Yetties, trk#B4, 1975 LP, Argo Records) ....####
The Yetties: the trio of John "Bonny" Sartin, Pete Shutler (died 21 September 2014) and Mac McCulloch, was, during their long career, one of England's most popular folk groups. They took their name from the Dorset village of Yetminster which was their childhood home. Their obvious love of the West Country, its songs, stories and humour won them friends wherever they went. Since turning professional in 1967, their music and their enthusiasm took them far beyond the villages of Dorset. The Yetties announced their retirement in early 2010, and their final performance was a ceilidh and concert at Sherborne in April 2011.


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