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A man came home from work one night,
To find his house without a light;
He went upstairs to go to bed,
When a sudden thought came to his head.

He walked into his daughter's room,
And found her hanging from a beam;
He took his knife and he cut her down,
And on her breast this note he found.

My love was for that sailor boy,
Who travels far across the sea;
Sometimes I've often thought of him,
But I know he never thinks of me.

I wish my baby had been born,
Then all my troubles would be o'er;
But tell my love we'll meet again,
Over yonder on that golden shore.

So dig my grave and dig it deep,
And place white lilies at my feet;
And on my breast a turtle dove,
To show that I have died for love.

We dug her grave and we dug it deep,
We placed white lilies at her feet;
And on her breast a turtle dove,
To show that she had died for love;
To show that she had died for love.

####.... Variant arranged by Johnny Drake of The Dorymen for a 19th-century British broadside ballad, The Butcher Boy [Laws P24] American Balladry From British Broadsides (G Malcolm Laws, 1957). Also a variant of the broadside ballad, The Butcher Boy, published by H De Marsan (New York, NY) circa 1860, and archived at the Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads, shelfmark: Harding B 18(72) ....####
This variant recorded by The Dorymen (Tiny Red Light, trk#6, 1980, The Great Canadian Music Co, Toronto, ON); and (Tiny Red Light, trk#12, 1999, Heritage Music, Scarborough, ON); and (Tiny Red Light, trk#12, 2003, Heritage Music, New Market, ON).

See more by Johnny Drake.

A variant of this plot was collected by Kenneth Peacock in 1959 from Mrs Wallace (Amelia J) Kinslow [1903-1985] of Isle aux Morts, NL, and published as The Butcher Boy in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Vol 3, pp.707-708, by The National Museum Of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.

A variant was also collected as The Butcher Boy by MacEdward Leach (The Ballad Book, pp.737-738, A S Barnes, New York, 1955)


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