Rocks Of Merasheen (Ryan's Fancy) videos
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And also: Merasheen Isle Farewell (Ernie Wilson)
#59: YouTube video by quickaccent2006
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The fondest wish I ever had since the day that I was weaned,
Is to go back to walk again on the rocks of Merasheen;
On the hard rocks, the rocky rocks, the rocks of Merasheen.

I still recall the sad farewell I bid her on that day,
When all upon a whaling ship I went to earn my pay;
From out of Rose au Rue we sailed to hunt the big fish down,
We sailed upon the ocean till we sailed the world around.

With girls in every port of call I did go far astray,
Forsaking her I'd left behind back in Placentia Bay;
On the hard rocks, the rocky rocks, the rocks of Merasheen.

Now in my old and aching age I think on her once more,
Of how she fared while waiting for my knock upon her door;
What fate was hers I do not know, but in my sleep I've seen,
Her walking on the cliffs upon the rocks of Merasheen;
Oh the hard rocks, the rocky rocks, the rocks of Merasheen,
On the hard rocks, the dirty rocks, the rocks of Merasheen.

####.... Al Pittman, poet, songmaker, and playright of St Leonard's, Placentia Bay, NL [1940-2001] ....####
Recorded by Ryan's Fancy (Times To Remember ©1973, Audat Records).

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A variant was also arranged and recorded as Rocks Of Merasheen by Great Big Sea of St John's, NL (Fortune's Favour, trk#11, 2008, Warner Music Canada, Scarborough, Ontario).

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The video below features a reunion and live performance by Pat and Joe Byrne with Baxter Wareham at the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival August 7, 2010. Pat Byrne composed the music for this Al Pittman song.

#1378: YouTube video by townside99
©2010 ~ Used with permission ~


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