Tribute To Bond And His Trusty Placentia Crew
(Mary Anne Nash)

Proud Chief of our Isle, valiant leader in danger,
Who yields not his home to the hand of the stranger;
The land of your birth 'neath oppression is groaning,
She raves for Sir Robert in her thralldom and moaning.
Then shout the proud name like a mad rushing river:
Bond! Bond! Our fair flag and freedom forever!

The Pink, White and Green is fighting for life,
Her recreant sons lead against her in strife;
But Jackman, the glory, the pride of our bay,
Is guarding our flag and swears it will stay.
Then shout the proud name like a mad rushing river:
Hail Jackman our Chief and freedom forever!

Brave Davis, he scorned a mean traitor to be,
With his chief and his flag, he'd die or be free;
Shall his glory be hid? Shall we breathe not his name?
Shall the flag, then, be furled and lost unto fame?
No! Shout the proud names like a mad rushing river:
Bond, Jackman and Davis and freedom forever!

When bright, unfettered, shall reign as of old,
The name O'Sullivan shall be writ in gold;
Placentia shall greet him, the flouter of Tories,
And our flag shall recover its lustre and glories.
Then shout their proud names like a mad, rushing river:
Sullivan, Davis, and Jackman forever.

####.... Mary Anne Nash, c.1909 (We Will Remain, Sing Song Records, St John's, NL, 1998) ....####
From Wikipedia:
Robert Bond - [1857-1927] last Premier of Newfoundland Colony from 1900 to 1907 and the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Newfoundland from 1907 to 1909 after the 1907 Imperial Conference conferred dominion status on the island.
Edward Michael Jackman - [1868-1916] businessman and politician in Newfoundland. He represented Placentia and St Mary's in the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly from 1900 to 1909 as a Liberal.
Liberals Michael S Sullivan and J Davis - were elected in the 22nd Newfoundland general election in 1908 to elect members of the 21st General Assembly of Newfoundland in the Dominion of Newfoundland. The seats were split evenly between the Liberal Party and the new Newfoundland People's Party formed by Edward Morris after he resigned from the Liberal government in 1907 and joined with the opposition. Robert Bond, the Liberal leader, asked the Governor William MacGregor to dissolve the assembly. MacGregor refused to do this and Bond resigned as Premier. The Governor asked Edward P Morris to form a government. The assembly was not able to elect a speaker and, after the Governor was unable to convince the two party leaders to form a coalition government, the house of assembly was dissolved on April 9, 1909.

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