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#554: YouTube video by oldirishladdie
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My dreams as a young lad was a fisherman to be,
To welcome my father home from the sea;
With his hand on my shoulder, a wink in his eye,
Son, always be proud you're a fisherman's boy.

My father was a good man, proud of his trade,
He never got rich off the money he made;
But the love for his family no money could buy,
And I'll always be proud I'm that fisherman's boy.

The herring would come and the caplin would go,
No squid in the fall, he would go in the hole;
No corn beef or salt pork, white bread or rye,
And I'll always be proud I'm that fisherman's boy.

The winters were long and the living was tough,
Salt fish and dough bread there wasn't enough;
He'd look at his family with a tear in his eye,
Saying always be proud you're a fisherman's boy.

The years have gone by now,
and times they have changed,
To turn back the pages, there's nothing to gain;
But the things I'll remember till the day that I die,
Son, always be proud you're a fisherman's boy.

His fishing had ended in the year forty-four,
His hardships, his worries, his troubles no more;
If he could return now and see what I've done,
I know he'd be proud of his fisherman son.

You doctors, you lawyers, you teachers you can,
Go seek out your fortunes across this great land;
But wherever you go, lads, hold your heads high,
And always be proud you're a fisherman's boy.

####.... Len Crewe ....####
This variant was arranged by Johnny Drake and recorded by The Dorymen on a compilation album (The Sound Of Canadian Country, 1972, trk#21, Marathon Music Incorporated, Toronto, ON); and (A Musical Catch, 1973, trk#9, Marathon Music, Toronto, ON); and (Tiny Red Light, 1980, trk#18, The Great Canadian Music Company, Toronto, ON, and again in 1999 by Heritage Music, trk#20, which was re-released in 2003). Along with Thomas G (Tom) Rose [1940-?] of Bay Du Nord, NL, Johnny Drake co-founded The Dorymen in 1969.

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The video below features a variant recorded by Dick Nolan (Fisherman's Boy, 1972, trk#5, RCA Records, Toronto, ON, produced by Ben Weatherby, recorded at Memorial University of Newfoundland Studios, St John's, NL).

#2745: video by quickaccent2006
℗2012 ~ Used with permission~

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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Caplin - small, iridescent deep-water fish (Mallotus villosus) like a smelt which, followed by the cod, appears inshore during June and July to spawn along the beaches, and is netted for bait, for manuring the fields, or dried, salted, smoked, or frozen for eating.


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