Ode To Labrador (Dr Harry L Paddon) MIDI

(Sung to O, Tannenbaum)

Dear land of mountains, woods, and snow,
Labrador, our Labrador.
God's noble gift to us, we know,
Labrador, our Labrador.
Thy proud resources waiting still,
Their splendid task will soon fulfill,
Obedient to thy Maker's will,
Labrador, our Labrador.

Thy stately forests soon will ring,
Labrador, our Labrador,
Responsive to the woodsman's swing,
Labrador, our Labrador.
And mighty flood that long remained,
Their raging fury unrestrained,
Shall serve the purpose God ordained,
Labrador, our Labrador.

We love to climb thy mountains steep,
Labrador, our Labrador,
Or paddle on thy waters deep,
Labrador, our Labrador,
Our snowshoes scar thy trackless plains,
We seek no city streets or lanes,
We are thy sons while life remains,
Labrador, our Labrador.

####.... Dr Harry L Paddon (Grenfell Medical Missionary) [1881-1942] (c.1927) .... ####
Published on page 31 of the Atlantic Guardian, Vol 01, No 01 (January 1945).

From Wikipedia:
Dr Harry L Paddon - In 1893 British doctor Wilfred Grenfell began traveling the Labrador coast providing medical services to fishermen and the aboriginals living in Labrador. In 1914, the International Grenfell Association was formed. The mission took doctors and nurses from the United Kingdom, and a handful of Commonwealth countries, to serve the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. One of these doctors was Dr Harry L Paddon who in 1915 established a hospital in North West River which would eventually serve the entire coast of Labrador.


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