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See also: I Long to Be Wedding (Kenneth Peacock)
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As I roved out one morning
in the lovely month of May,
I met a pretty fair one,
these words I heard her say:
"Oh, father, I'm sixteen years of age;
I'm weary of my life;
Oh, father, I think it's almost time
for me to be made a wife."

"Oh, hold your tongue, dear daughter.
Oh, hold your tongue," said he,
"For men they are deceitful
with flatt'ring tongues," said he.
"Oh, what care I for flatt'ring tongues,
for flatt'ring tongues," said she,
"At the time you married my mamma
she wasn't as old as me."

"I have a sister Mary,
and that you well do know,
She has not long been married,
only nine short months ago;
She has a baby for herself
to daddle upon her knee,
And I think it's time for me to have one,
for I'm nearly as old as she."

The bellman he went 'round the town
to see what he could find,
A soldier or a sailor
to please this fair one's mind;
"A soldier or a sailor,
no matter who," she said,
"I pray, young men, come marry me,
and don't let me die a maid."

####.... Author unknown. Variant of a 17th-century British broadside ballad, Chimney Sweep's Wedding , published by J O Bebbington (Manchester) and sold by J Beaumont (Leeds) sometime between 1858 and 1861, and archived at the Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads, shelfmark: Harding B 11(2011) ....####
This variant was collected by Edith Fulton Fowke (Literary Editor) and Richard Johnston (Music Editor) and published in Folk Songs Of Canada, pp.162-163 (Waterloo Music Company, Waterloo, ON, 1954).

The video above features a recording by Charles Jordan and Joyce Sullivan (Canadian Folk Songs Centennial Collection, Record 6 of 9, Songs Of Courtship And Marriage, trk#1, Side A, 1967).

A variant was also collected in 1958 from Isaac Freeman Bennett [1896-1981] of St Paul's, NL, by Kenneth Peacock and published as I Long to Be Wedding in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Vol 2, p.461, by the National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved.

From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Daddle - to dandle (a child); move (a baby or young child) up and down in a playful or affectionate way; move (something) lightly up and down; synonyms: bounce, jiggle, dance, rock.


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