If Only (Ennis Sisters)

If I could take my own advice,
In everybody else's life, I don't think twice;
What is it that I can't see?
There's no one left to blame but me.

If only I could listen to my heart,
If only I could find another place to start;
If only there could be another way,
If only wasn't just another lonely thing to say.

This time I was home for sure,
Why do I keep asking if there's something more?
What is it that I can't see?
I trust in everything but me.

####.... Maureen Ennis / Mark Murphy ....####
Recorded by the Ennis Sisters on their self-titled album (Ennis Sisters, trk#8, 2001, produced by Tim Thorney and recorded at Great Big Music West and East, distributed by Warner Music Canada, Scarborough, Ontario).

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