I've Been A Gay Roving Young Fellow (Jim Payne)

I've been a gay roving young fellow,
I've been at it now all me life;
I'm a ramblin' and rovin' forever,
In every port a new wife.

But give me a girl that will love me,
And bless me in this happy life;
Now dance unto me a fresh caper,
A country girl makes a good wife.

I've travelled through cold frosty weather,
I've travelled through love hot and cold;
I have ventured my life on the ocean,
'Tis all for the sake of some gold.

But now I've returned from the ocean,
And landed safe home on the shore;
Now, blow me and bless me forever,
If I goes to sea anymore.

I'll send for me friends and relations,
I'll send for them every one;
And all for to make them quite welcome,
I'll send for a cask of good rum.

Yes, I'll send for a cask of good rum, boys,
And two or three barrels of beer;
They're all for the welcoming lassie,
That greets me at Derry Down fair.

Now, when I am dead and I'm buried,
Sure, that puts an end to me life;
Now don't you go sobbing and sighing,
But do a good turn for me wife.

No, don't you go sobbing and sighing,
There's one single thing more do I crave:
Wrap me up in me tarpaulin jacket,
Come fiddle and dance on my grave.

Get six jolly sailors to carry me,
Let them get most damnable drunk;
And they will run sporting and drinking,
As down they will fall with my trunk.

Yes, let them run cursing and swearing,
Like fellows most damnable mad;
They will tip their glass over my coffin,
Saying, "There goes a true-hearted lad."

####.... Traditional Newfoundland song ....####
This variant arranged by Jim Payne (Empty Nets, 1991).

Liner Note: Jim Payne learned this song from Pat Greene of Freshwater, Placentia Bay, NL.

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