Stephany (Jim Fidler)

You're the flower of the spring;
You're the thing that gives the sun a cause to shine.
Is etched upon your face,
As you nonchalantly glide through space and time.

Livin' ain't so tough, if you defy submission;
Don't give up, it's worth the try.

You possess a gift of wisdom,
Which permits you to look way beyond your years,
For you see,
That our fate is pre-decided,
Only if we give away to hidden fears.

You look beyond the clouds,
You see a rainbow,
Its beauty then begins to fade.
It's there for pens and brushes,
To try to capture,
It disappears but who's to blame?

As you seek your form of freedom,
Take accomplishments as pebbles in a stream,
For you see,
That the ladder to the top,
Is a non-existent, disconcerting dream.

In the sea of life,
We're all but drops of water;
The future's predesigned, that's what they've said,
But hold your head up high,
And ride the mighty current,
And see your journey to its end.

Do you worry 'bout the future?
Is it there to irritate at every bend?
Remember me;
Though we go our separate ways,
You can always think of me as your friend.

####.... Jim Fidler ....####
Recorded by Jim Fidler (Friendly Fire ©2000, Roots Cellar Productions).

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