Girls From Sweet Bay (Mark Walker)

Come all ye young men, who now go a-courting,
Beware of choosing the girls from Sweet Bay;
So now, like me, you may get defeated,
They'll scorn you with pride when some other they see.

I courted this creature whenever I could reach her,
For seven long years in love did agree;
Until her old parents, they came to dislike it,
They said they would banish my darling from me.

Her parents could beat her, but they could not teach her,
To love any other she felt not inclined;
Until a deceiver who came to mislead her,
Her eyes being not opened, she soon changed her mind.

Wherever I wander I'll sit and I'll ponder,
And think on the hours together we spent;
In her own little greenwood, not far from her dwelling,
She promised she'd love me a time and again.

Farewell, lovely Nancy, for since we have parted,
Don't think for a moment you led me astray;
For the man who enjoys the first bloom of a blossom,
Should have the best right to the fruit on the tree.

####.... Mark Walker [1846-1924] of Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL ....####
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