Like Ya Would (The Punters)
See also: Like Ya Would (Joey Smallwood)

It was just the other night,
in a foggy, hazy dream,
Joe Smallwood appeared and said
things just aren't as they seem;
The fish is gone the flour is high,
and Granny Snooks she must have cried,
The arse is out, the cod are gone,
but Joey's words still linger on.

Like ya would !

Well then, next upon the scene,
now buddy lets out roars,
I'm the one no one remembers,
but my name tag says Frank Moores;
Now, just like my term in office,
I have nothing good to add,
So remember what Joey told you,
and know that you'd been had.

Like ya would !

The door it swings wide open,
and his nibs is right on cue,
It's Brian Peckford walking
in a velvet leisure suit;
Now, don't listen to these other b'ys,
they're plainly mad you see,
If Newfoundland is getting you down,
just move on out to BC.

Like ya would !

Well the premiers kept on at it,
as this song it plainly tells,
But you ain't seen nothing till you've seen
the fuehrer, the honourable Clyde Wells;
Now, don't listen to those other b'ys,
compared to them, I'm God,
Now, pardon me, I'm off to Ches's
for chips and Russian cod.

Like ya would !

So here ends the story
of my paranormal dream,
Of Joey, Frank, Brian and Clyde,
our Newfoundland dream team;
So, in our next election,
you must carefully take note,
Do nothing, sit home, read a book,
or get loaded, but don't even bother to vote.

Like ya would !

####.... The Punters, inspired by Joey Smallwood's recitation with the same title (c.1980) ....####
Recorded by The Punters on their self-titled album (The Punters, 1996).

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From Wikipedia:

Joseph Roberts "Joey" Smallwood - [1900-1991] main force that brought Newfoundland into Canadian confederation, and first Premier of Newfoundland (1949-1972).

Frank Duff Moores - PC [1933-2005] second Premier of Newfoundland, served as leader of the Progressive Conservatives from 1972 until his retirement in 1979.

Alfred Brian Peckford - PC [b.1942] Canadian teacher and politician, served as the third Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (1979-1989). Born and raised in Whitbourne, he worked as a teacher before entering politics. In the 1972 general election Peckford was elected as the Member of the House of Assembly (MHA) for Green Bay. He served as a Parliamentary Assistant and a Cabinet Minister in the government of Frank Moores between 1973 and 1979. Moores announced he was leaving politics in January 1979, and on March 17, 1979, Peckford was elected leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Clyde Kirby Wells - QC [b.1937] fifth Premier of Newfoundland (1989-1996), and subsequently Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador (Court of Appeal) (1999-2009).


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