September 11th (Sandor Slomovits)

On September the 11th, we will not forget the year,
At ten in the morning, there were planes still in the air;
All of them were commanded to land straight away,
This is what happened to one of those planes that day.

Delta Flight Fifteen, from Frankfurt, Atlanta bound,
Looked for an airport, the closest one they found;
Gander, up in Newfoundland, four hundred miles away,
Granted them permission to land their plane that day.

The captain told the passengers the little that he knew,
Gasps of shock and disbelief greeted his sad news;
Then there was just silence, what was there to say?
Many tears and folded hands and prayers said that day.

This kind of love, this kind of caring,
Is like the blood that's in our veins, it warms us with its course;
An endless flowing circle, nourishing every moment;
It always comes straight from the heart, and goes back to its source.

The people at Gander airport made sure everyone was fed,
No small achievement, when they hadn't known ahead,
That more than fifty planes, bound for the USA,
Would be stranded unexpectedly in Gander that day.

Gander and the nearby towns, were all put to the test,
They didn't have hotels for seven thousand guests;
They opened churches, schools and homes for everyone to stay,
Welcomed everyone who dropped in from the sky that day.

The people on Delta Flight Fifteen were housed in Lewisporte,
They all were treated warmly, they were offered much support;
Their hosts took them fishing, showed them Notre Dame Bay,
Some even took them moose hunting in the next few days.

People who live in Lewisporte, they don't have much to spare,
But they gave all that was theirs to give, and willingly did share;
Home is where the heart is, we've all heard the cliché,
The folks in Gander and Lewisporte, proved it true those days.

When Delta Flight Fifteen, took off Friday afternoon,
A passenger stood up and said, "I know we'll be home soon;
But before we go back to our lives, I'd like to find a way,
To thank the folks of Lewisporte for what they did these days."

"I'll set up a trust fund, to send some of their kids to school,
If you'd all like to contribute, our money we could pool."
Fourteen thousand dollars, with more on the way,
The people on Delta Flight Fifteen contributed that day.

####.... Sandor Slomovits ©2001, ASCAP ....####
Recorded by Sandor Slomovits (Gemini, Music For Children And Families, Ann Arbor, Michigan).

As of 2015, the Delta-15 trust fund is at more than $1.5 million and has assisted more than 200 students in theior college education.


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