Back Home Is Where They Want To Be (Kevin Collins) video
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While sitting alone on a fine August day,
My thoughts were of going away,
To leave the home that I loved so well,
In search of better pay.

As propaganda is filling the waves,
One more time we are promised again,
That when the oil boom deal is signed,
There'll be work for all women and men.

Promises, promises, easily made,
Are not so easily kept;
So many in Newfoundland didn't receive,
And that is the reason they left.

Majority thinks that it's all fun and games,
To travel the land of the free;
But if you asked anyone who moved away,
Back home is where they want to be.

They work all year long for hours on end,
With neither a sigh nor a groan;
Most of the money it buys food and rent,
The rest buys a plane ticket home.

So Newfs in Toronto and Fort McMurray,
Victoria and Calgary,
Would rather be living back in Newfoundland,
Than roaming the land of the free.

So why do we have to understand,
Before it's too late when we're old,
That the true value of Newfoundland,
Is more precious than silver and gold.

####.... Kevin Collins (My Old Homestead, trk#1, 1989, Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL, produced by Kevin Collins). ....####
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