Ferry Blues (Clara Burke Byrne) MIDI
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(Sung to the air of Galway Bay)

If you want to go across the bay to Tilting,
You must take the road that leads thru Gander Bay;
And you'll join the line of cars and trucks and trailers,
Who've been waiting in the line-up for a day.

As you top the hill you see the ferry leaving,
There's thirty cars before you in the line;
As you take your place behind a great big trailer,
You're hoping that the weather will be fine.

For the wind is rising and you're blaming many,
Your wife because she had to stop for tea;
And the kids are in the back seat loudly fighting,
And you're mad because they made you stop to pee.

The kids all want to go out throwing beach rocks,
The wife she looks around and nods her head;
And she says, "My loves, your Dad will go out with you,
While I lie back and rest my weary head."

Now you're ready to walk straight across to Seldom,
For the kids and wife are driving you insane;
And you dare not speak the words you'd like to tell them,
That each of them is just one great big pain.

And you wonder how you ever got to this place,
And then you breathe the air and see the foam;
And you know you'll always want to keep returning,
To that little place called Tilting, our old home.

####.... Clara (Burke) Byrne ....####
Sung by the author, while president of the Tilting Expatriates Association (TEA), on the occasion of the 1996 Tilting Colcannon.

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Colcannon - mixture or hash of various vegetables, and sometimes meat, eaten on Halloween; hence Colcannon night; also, snap-apple night.

Special thanks to Steve Dallas for his beautiful piano MIDI.


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