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This song I've been singing I'll now sing to you,
It's about Sable Island, so sad but so true;
We were on our way to the swordfishing ground,
But the weather was bad so we swung her around.

Out in the distance this land could be seen,
Big banks of sand and the grass was so green;
It was Sable Island of that we were sure,
So we launched a dory and we all went ashore.

And when we had landed two men went each way,
Some searching for tires which later they say;
And picking up shells so clear to be seen,
While out on her anchor lay the George And Pauline.

Louie got an anvil and Frank got a tire,
Sherman got copper and Brendan got wire;
Oh, this is the nicest spot I've ever seen,
Around Sable Island on the George And Pauline.

The ponies were plenty but most have died off,
From many hard winters with blizzards and frost;
The lightkeeper told us of winters so fierce,
The worse he had seen there in many long years.

Then Vernon came running with shovel in hand,
Saying look what I found lying there in the sand;
While Raymond was busy baking the beans,
Back in the galley of the George And Pauline.

My song is now ending, there's no more to tell,
The season is over, we all have done well;
We left Sable Island once more to steam,
On our way home on the George And Pauline.

On our way home on the George And Pauline.

####.... Isle Aux Morts Boys ....####
Recorded by Isle Aux Morts Boys (My Newfoundland Shore, trk#7, 1988 Cassette, Independent, recorded in the Isle Aux Morts Boys studio); and a compilation album of 24 tunes from four previous cassettes (Fishing For The Best, trk#17, CD, Independent).

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