Granny Bates' Hill (Maurice Devine)

I am wandering back tonight,
To visions calm and bright,
As I sit alone within the firelight's glow;
To the time when boyish dreams,
Were tinged with rosy dreams,
In the merry, merry days of long ago.

One scene amongst them all,
With pleasure I recall,
As memory lingers fondly with it still;
Oh! The pleasure and the joy,
When I was a laughing boy,
And went sliding over Granny Bates' Hill.

I see thy berg-lined shore,
My Island home, once more,
I tread thy glassy snow slopes once again;
Tho' I've wandered far away
Across the rolling sea,
To find a home beside the hills of Maine.

Thy cherry-cheeked boys,
The girls with romping noise,
Far up thro' memory's vale they throng at will;
I see the hilside white,
I see the moonlight bright,
I see the slides of Granny Bates' Hill.

The snows of sixty years
Have tinged and streaked my hair,
I've many brawny sons to manhood grown;
I see the churchyard still
Beneath the pine crowned hill,
Where after death my body shall be thrown.

But in the brands tonight
I trace a vision bright,
A scene that makes my inmost spirit thrill;
I waft a backward sigh
To youthful days gone by,
When sliding over Granny Bates' Hill.

####.... Maurice A Devine [1859-1915] of Kings Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL ....####

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Printed in St John's in 1904 as a poem on pp.58-59 of the Old Colony Song Book, Newfoundland, published by James Murphy [1867-1931], who noted that Granny Bates' Hill, so called in the old days, is that steep hill which runs north of Duckworth Street to Theatre Hill, near the borders of Beck's Cove. Maurice A Devine, Esq, editor Trade Review, wrote the original poem.


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