The Ballad Of Brian Tobin (Kirk Elliot)
(Let My Turbot Go)
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(Sung triumphantly to Ghost Riders In The Sky)

Once there was a turbot, way down in the sea,
Swimming by his lonesome, saying, "What will become of me?
The Spanish fleet's a-coming, and can you tell me why,
They're fishing off the nose and tail, till the Grand Banks run dry?"

He'd seen the Spanish fishing nets, his mortal enemy,
He'd seen them sweep the cod that once swam proud and free;
So he stuck his little head above the waves that were so high,
And he called for Brian Tobin to hear his mortal cry.

Yippee aye a,
Yippee aye o,
Let my turbot go.

Tobin set patrol boats upon the Spanish ships,
They tried to rally 'round and tried to give us the slip;
The Estai cut its nets and turned to run away,
But soon it was surrounded and brought to St John's Bay.

Its captain was arrested and Canadians were told,
That tons of baby turbot were hidden in that hold;
The fisherfolk from Newfoundland let out a mighty cheer,
They took the Spanish sailors and they bought them all a beer.

Yippee aye a,
Yippee aye o,
Let my turbot go.

The European Union was said to pop its cork,
They called Tobin a pirate when they met him in New York;
They said no one in Europe will believe a word of this,
Tobin hung the Estai's nets up, said, "Come on, have a whiff!"

Now, come on, you Spanish captains, who look at us and scoff,
Don't mess with Brian Tobin or he'll cut your nets right off;
And all you folks in Canada, I hope you like the tale,
Of the little baby turbot with the courage of a whale.

Yippee aye a,
Yippee aye o,
Let my turbot go.

####.... Kirk Elliot from Ontario © 1995 ....####


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