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The old man on the headland is looking out to sea,
He's remembering another time and the way it used to be;
When he was young he did his part fishing on the bay,
But in his mind he dreamed of long ago and far away.

He walks down in the evening, when the fishing boats come in,
They laugh and have a yarn about the codfish and the wind;
But he's no longer part of things and he bids them all good day,
At night he sails and dreams of long ago and far away.

He clearly can remember the important things in life,
The very first boat that he built and the day he took his wife;
But she's no longer with him now, and it's been a year this May,
He treasured them a lifetime long ago and far away.

As summer slowly passes and autumn is drawing near,
He's reading nature's message and to him it's very clear;
He soon won't be around to watch the boats out on the bay,
He'll be a memory of long ago and far away.

We'll all be memories of long ago and far away.

####.... Wayne Taylor / Kevin Collins ....####
Recorded by Kevin Collins (Long Ago And Far Away, trk#1, 1993, Sawyer Hill Studios, Placentia, NL); and (Long Gone Are The Days, trk#9, 2002, Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL).

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