Loyola's Song (Kevin Collins)

Now come to me and listen to a story I'd like to tell,
About a man who left us, we loved him oh so well;
He taught us love and friendship, and fun a lasting thing,
Hard work was a part of the bargain, and did he love to sing.

The respect he got was well deserved, he was one of a kind,
He cared for one and all around, no better will you find;
So proud of his life and family and this he plainly showed,
His undying love for everyone, he loved to tell you so.

By no means rich, he'd go each year to earn his crowd their keep,
He worked away each day till dark, his love for them was deep;
His hands were just like leather, his heart as pure as gold,
His mind was like a wizard, and his money he loved to hold.

Because of the Resettlement, he moved from his home shore,
To so-called Great Prosperity, along with many more;
But things were not what they made out, they go back each year,
To fish and earn a living, but the price he paid was dear.

Now the waters of Great Paradise, in West Placentia Bay,
Had taken yet another life, how nature has its way;
Of giving much to many, yet others still take from,
He lived and died upon the sea, his time had surely come.

####.... Roseanne Collins ....####
Recorded by Kevin Collins (Long Ago And Far Away, trk#2, 1993, Sawyer Hill Studios, Placentia, NL).

Note: Loyola Pomeroy was the father of Kevin Collins' wife, Roseanne.

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