Girl From Red Island (Joy Norman)

He sailed up the bay while the capelin fog hung,
It blotted the blue sky and blocked out the sun;
By wit and by compass and a little good luck,
He made his way back to Red Island.

So what brought him here from a place far away,
Across the Atlantic and back to this bay?
A memory so clear, just like yesterday,
When he first saw the girl from Red Island.

Full six years ago when he'd last sailed from here,
On deck of a schooner bound for St Pierre;
Then off to Boston and then God knows where,
He vowed to return to this Island.

For just as they'd loosed the last rope from the wharf,
He spied a young beauty alone on the shore;
Red hair and green eyes, a smile he was sure,
Would bring him on back to this Island.

From Portsmouth to Cape Town, across to Brazil,
Good Fortune had blessed him wherever he sailed;
And now his own schooner he steered up the bay,
In search for that girl from Red Island.

What chance could there be, could he hope for more?
Even more pretty she walked by the shore;
Red hair and green eyes, with poise and with style,
She moved like the queen of the Island.

And what he didn't know, and what he could not guess,
Her heart too was longing although they'd not met;
For this fine young sailor she'd seen from the shore,
When he last sailed away from her Island.

They met and embraced as true lovers should,
Their lives they were filled with all things fair and good;
They lived long and happy and travelled the world,
On the ship he had named the Red Island..

So, if you expected a tale filled with woe,
Of shipwrecks and sadness in days long ago;
Well, you won't find them here for no one sheds tears
In this happy love song of Red Island!

####.... Joy Norman/Jerry Walsh ....####
Recorded by Joy Norman (Lately, trk#3, 2001, Gannet Music, produced by Paul Mills of Millstream Studio, Toronto, Ontario.

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Caplin or Capelin - small, iridescent deep-water fish (Mallotus villosus) like a smelt which, followed by the cod, appears inshore during June and July to spawn along the beaches, and is netted for bait, for manuring the fields, or dried, salted, smoked, or frozen for eating. Caplin weather is generally warm, wet, and humid with southerly winds and sea-fog, and sometimes cold. It usually coincides with the appearance inshore of the spawning caplin.

Red Island is located in southeast Newfoundland in Placentia Bay between Merasheen Island and the Avalon Peninsula.


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