She's Gone, Boys, She's Gone (Wayne Bartlett) video
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The old man looked down in his dory,
As he stood on the wharf one more time;
With the wind in his hair, he stood there and stared,
"Look at her now, what a crime!"
He said, "I can recall when I built her,
When I lived in the place I called home;
'Twas a good life back then, but never again,
'Cause now, she's gone, boys, she's gone."

He said, "My father once told me,
That surely there would come a day,
When the fish that you'd get would be too small to split,
And too big to just throw away.
I never thought that I'd ever live,
To see such going on;
To think that the end could ever have been,
But now, she's gone, boys, she's gone."

She's gone, boys, she's gone, she's gone,
She's gone boys, she's gone;
What we didn't destroy, we allowed to die,
And now, she's gone, boys, she's gone.
She's gone, boys, she's gone, boys, she's gone.

He stopped for a moment, just stood there,
With a handkerchief, he wiped his eyes;
He looked out to sea, then he looked at me,
He said, "I pities you, boy.
You'll never see the great big old codfish,
Float up in the trap and go on
Out over the heads like one time,
'Cause now, she's gone, boys."

He said, "You see that old dory?
One day I thought she'd be yours;
She's still just as good, you know, as she was,
Except for the gunwhales and oars.
She might need a new plank there somewhere,
And the bottom might be a bit drawn;"
Then a lump in his throat as the old man spoke,
"She's gone, boys, she's gone, boys, she's gone."

####.... Wayne Bartlett of Quirpon, NL ©1991 - all rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Wayne Bartlett (She's Gone, Boys, She's Gone, 1992).

Quirpon is a small, picturesque community situated on the northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula. It is the most northerly sheltered harbour on the island of Newfoundland and was historically a fishing village whose role in the fishery has declined since the 1992 Northern Cod moratorium.


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