A Tribute To Joseph R Smallwood (Kevin Collins)
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Born in 1900, at the turn of the century,
A man who means most everything to folks like you and me;
Smart, bright and intelligent, not afraid to take a stand,
For the one thing he believed in most, his precious Newfoundland.

As a child, just very common, no one could ever see,
How Newfoundlanders' lives would change,
When his power came to be;
Schools and education, roads to save us time,
The proudest moment of his life, when he signed in '49.

The biggest thing we owe this man are true love and respect,
If things weren't picture perfect then, it wasn't from neglect;
For a place he tried to mold and shape to stand the test of time,
This was his number one concern and never looked behind.

It would take a lifetime to explain it all, you see,
How Newfoundland has changed,
And why we stand on guard for thee;
For a man so dedicated, who let his life be rearranged,
His accomplishments won't be forgot, and most of all his name.

His name is Joseph R Smallwood, a statesman, oh so grand,
Known the whole world over, especially in Newfoundland;
Father of Confederation, the finest in the land,
And he'll walk right into heavens gate,
When the good Lord shakes his hand.

####.... Kevin Collins (Long Ago And Far Away, 2003) ....####
Sung by Kevin Collins on the occasion of Joey's 90th birthday at his home on Roaches Line, December 24, 1990.

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