Tommy Legge's Rum (Frank Kelly)

Come all ye good people, I pray pay attention,
Unto these few lines which I'll write for you now;
If you'll pay attention the truth I will mention,
The action which led to the Tickle Cove row.

The fifteenth of August the night had been cloudy,
Determined for action in trouble begun;
Four chaps got together out under the weather,
They made up a plan to steal Tommy Legge's rum.

They came to a place in the centre of the harbour,
Where houses were few and the billows did roar;
Till one chap amongst them got rather fainthearted,
Lay down for a rest near poor Dickie's shop door.

The other three chaps went, their hands in their pockets,
Determinedly on to the scene of the fun;
Determined that those who had backed out of action,
Should never be given a taste of the rum.

They marched up by fences and corners and gateways,
On the tips of their toes so mute as a mouse;
When to their surprise there loomed up before them,
The Legges all in bed, not a light in their house.

Everything in their favour, the moon had just clouded,
They reached for the knob to get in they were sure;
When to their surprise they were strucken dumbfounded,
Tommy Legge, his cap off, shoved his head through the door.

Tommy Legge seized his rum, two jars and a bottle,
No coat on his arm and no cap on his head;
Went up to his house in the heck of a hurry,
He beat it upstairs, hid it under his bed.

Many tricks have been done this year in the harbour,
They hung up the dogfish and broomed Paddy's store;
They are through with the game, Tommy Legge can rest easy,
And make all he can and be troubled no more.

####.... Frank Kelly [d.1934] of Tickle Cove, Bonavista Bay, NL ....####


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