Tribute To St Mary's (Kevin Collins)

Have you ever seen the lofty cliffs
That roll on down to the ocean?
Have you ever stood in the summer winds
That blow so briny wholesome?

Have you ever seen the Virgin Rocks
As they brawl with the Devil's Daughter?
Have you heard of the hailed and rugged men
Who've been lost in the ragin' waters?

Let the meadows green warm your heart,
Let the songs of old take your hand
Through those misty shores where you won't know,
If you're in St Mary's or old Ireland.

Have you ever heard of an Irish band
That would sing for e'er just to please you?
Have you ever danced in a parish hall
With the cares of the day behind you?

Have you ever seen a Sunday morn'
Where the church bell rings in the valley?
You would walk the shores forever more,
In your old St Mary's memory.

####.... Wayne Collins ....####
Recorded by Kevin Collins (Hills Of Home, 2000).

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From Wikipedia:
St Mary's -town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, with a population of 439 in the Canada 2011 Census. The majority of employment in the community is from the local seafood processing plant operating in summer months. Most plant workers receive Employment Insurance benefits during the off season. The town has a Catholic church, a Bed and Breakfast (which provides the only overnight accommodations in the area), a small pub, and two gas stations which also serve as convienence stores. Point La Haye Beach is a popular picnic location in summer, and is located very near an automated lighthouse and long, natural barachois (see definition below *). Other than this, there are little tourist attractions in the area, and most tourists are travellers of the Irish Loop Drive, passing through the town.
Virgin Rocks - series of rocky ridges just below the ocean surface on the Grand Banks. They rise to within 3.6 metres (11'-9-3/4") of the surface and are a navigation hazard to ocean going vessels in the North Atlantic.

* From the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:
Barachois - shallow river estuary, lagoon or harbour, of fresh or salt water, sheltered from the sea by a sand-bar or low strip of land; local pronunciation may be BARASWAY.


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