Atlantic Queen (Tom Leadbeater)

You could watch her spread the water
As she grabbed the wind and leaned
She was light and fast
Your eyes she'd catch
As she passed along her way
Her timber was of finest stock
A good Cape Island stand
And served her well
And sailed her clean
In weather fair or mean.

They say she had a spirit
In a very special way
The slower ships...
Like none, old timers say
And she earned her keep
In the Grand Banks fleet
And never lost a man
From captain down to deckhand
She ignored no small command.

With full sails set
The wind had wings
The bow would rise
And her keel would sing
They called her the
Atlantic Queen
As she ruled the wild blue sea.

She never had a sister
Was the last one of her kind
She raced no other schooners
She had no finish lines
But her crewmen knew what she could do
With full sails to the wind
When loaded down she'd leave the grounds
For home in just three days.

Now the sails have gone but the waves roll on
The fishing ways have changed
When they tied her up to waste away
Her crewmen felt no shame
But she slipped away
From her berth that day
And no one saw her die . . . .

As she comes in sight
On a moonlit night
With her sails up to the sky.

####.... Fred Lavery. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####
Recorded by Tom Leadbeater especially for the album Songs Of The Sea (Stephen McDonald, 1999).


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