The Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph (Hughie Sexton)

See also: The Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph (Sexton)

On the sixth day of December,
the Rudolph left the town,
With a general load of cargo,
for Port Nelson she was bound;
At three o'clock that evening,
through the Tickle she did pass,
With a threatening of a violent breeze
showing through the glass.

It was not far out in the bay
when the schooner she did reef,
The skipper he did change his course
from the north unto nor'east;
The schooner scarce had struck a rock,
she was covered by a wave,
And all her crew except one man
had met a watery grave.

The vessel scarcely struck the rocks
before covered with the waves,
All her crew except one man
did meet a watery grave;
This poor young lad jumped overboard
thro' blinding snow and drift,
And by the hands of providence
got hove into the cliff.

He made his way all up the cliff
through blinding drift and snow,
Just like some poor young orphan boy
not knowing where to go,
In search of hospitality
and comfort for the night,
And to surprise before his eyes
saw Little Catalina light.

It was early the next morning,
about the hour of four,
After eight long hours of traveling,
he reached Levi Dalton's door;
He kindly answered to his knock,
what a dismal sight to see,
A man standing there with oil skins on -
a miracle from the sea.

"Come in my lad, come in my lad,"
the man did kindly say,
"And tell me what is happening
and what brings you this way."
The man was so excited
all that he could say,
"There's a schooner lost
and all her crew not very far away."

Now with this kindly woman
the poor lad did reside,
And with hot drinks and clothing warm
they soon made him revive;
Which after rest and medical aid,
the tale he told anew,
Of the loss of the Ella M Rudolph
and the faith of all her crew.

####.... An abbreviated version of the original 1926 ballad by Hughie Sexton of Trinity, NL ....####
The original and more detailed 1926 ballad can be found at: The Loss Of The Ella M Rudolph Original.

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