Down By The Dark Water Side (St Catherines Academy)

One morning as I rambled
so early in the Spring,
'Twas in the lovely month of May,
and the birds sang in the trees;
All things seemed full of merriment
and fully in their bloom,
Like the primrose and the daisies
down by the dark water side.

I scarcely roamed a mile or more,
it was by chance I spied,
A loving couple talking
down by the dark water side;
He twined his arms around her waist,
these words to her he did say:
"While I'm in America, I'll prove true
to my lovely Irish maid."

"When you go to America
some Yankee girl you'll see,
And you'll have sweethearts plenty,
love, you'll never think of me;
You'll soon forget the promises
and the vows you made to me,
While leaving me broken hearted,
your lovely Irish maid."

"I may forget the time undone
but still I will prove true,
There's not a port that I'll sail in
but, my love, I'll think of you;
There's not a flower in yonder field
or leaf on yonder tree,
But will remind, leaving you behind,
my lovely Irish maid."

Oh, many's a lad leaving his home
to seek some foreign shore,
Leaving their wives and sweethearts,
for them they'll never see more;
While crossing the Atlantic seas
where the sailors' graves are made,
So stay on shore and roam no more
from your lovely Irish maid.

"Oh, Johnny, lovely Johnny,
since you won't stay at home,
It's all around both night and day
through life and death I'll roam."
Those were the words that won his heart,
these words to her he did say:
"I'll stay on shore and roam no more
from my lovely Irish maid."

####.... An apparent localized variant of My Lovely Irish Maid from the archives page of St Catherine's Academy Canadian Literature 2204 Class (2001-2002), St Mary's Bay, NL ....####


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