The Shores Of Amerikay (Irish Traditional) videos
#2490: YouTube video by Padraig Grimes
©2017 ~ Used with permission ~

I'm bidding farewell to the land of my youth,
And the home I love so well,
And the mountains so grand 'round my own native land,
I'm bidding them all farewell.
With an aching heart I'll bid them adieu,
For tomorrow I'll sail far away,
O'er the raging foam for to seek a home,
On the shores of Amerikay.

It's not for the want of employment I'm going,
It's not for the love of fame,
That fortune bright may shine over me,
And give me a glorious name.
It's not for the want of employment I'm going,
O'er the weary and stormy sea,
But to seek a home for my own true love,
On the shores of Amerikay.

And when I am bidding my last farewell,
The tears like rain will blind,
To think of my friends in my own native land,
And the home I'm leaving behind.
But if I'm to die in a foreign land,
And be buried so far far away,
No fond mother's tears will be shed o'er my grave,
On the shores of Amerikay.

####.... Author unknown. Irish traditional found on-line at Folk Music Of South East Bight, NL ....####
This variant was recorded by Johnny McEvoy (Johnny McEvoy Sings Country And Irish, trk#19, 1997, Castle Communications Plc, Chessington, Surray, England); and (The Essential Johnny McEvoy, Disk 1, trk#8, Dolphin Records, Dublin, Ireland); and (Legends Of Irish Music, disk 1, trk#15, 2009, Sanctuary Records, London, UK).

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The video above features a live performance of a variant by Padraig Grimes of Castlebar, Ireland.

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A variant was arranged and recorded by D'Arcy Broderick of Bay de Verde, NL (By Request, trk#9, 2006, Independent, Torbay, NL).

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A variant was also arranged and recorded by Kevin Collins (Newfoundland/Irish Favourites, trk#7, 1994, Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL).

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A variant was recorded by the Irish Rovers (Upon A Shamrock Shore/Songs Of Ireland And The Irish, trk#11, 2000, MCA Records Canada).

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The video below features a variant by Tony Archibald from Port St Mary on the Isle of Man, accompanying himself on the autoharp.

#1992: YouTube video by threelegsoman
©2012 ~ Used with permission ~


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