The Ballad Of John Williams (Johnny McEvoy) videos
#412: YouTube video by machree01
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When last I saw John Williams,
a young man full of pride,
He had his bride of just four days
stand shyly by his side;
He laughed and slapped me on the back,
said, "Boyo, can't you see?
I've seen the last of windswept bogs,
and bogs the last of me,
And the peelers and the landlords
and the risings of the moon.
And if ever I return again
'twill be too bloody soon."

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, wife,
Sailed away into the night;
Where they'll end up no one knows,
'Round and 'round the story goes.

He said, "My friend, I'll take my chance
in far off New York Town,
They say there's lots of work there
and a good man won't stay down;
For with my lassie by my side
we'll build a better home,
And when this sea-trip's over,
lad, we never more will roam."
And he said farewell upon the quay,
there was nothing left to do,
But to pray for John and his lovely bride
that their dreams might all come true.

How I envied you, John Williams,
and your lovely fair-haired bride,
To be sailing on a mighty ship
across the ocean wide;
For she's the finest liner
that was ever built by man,
And they say there's naught can sink her,
not even God's own hand.
Man's pride can be his own downfall,
that great ship sailed from home,
And I thought I heard a banshee's cry
that chilled me to the bone.

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, wife,
Sailed away into the night.
Where they'll end up no one knows,
'Round and 'round the story goes;
'Round and around the icebergs flow.

####.... Johnny McEvoy, 1981 ....####
A ballad about an emigrant on the 1912 maiden voyage of the ill-fated RMS Titanic, recorded by Johnny McEvoy (The Essential Johnny McEvoy, disc 1, trk#13, 2004, Irish Records International, Scituate, Massachusetts).

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The video below features a guitar performance by Sean Kenny of Port au Port East, NL.

Note by Sean Kenny:
Another song that's been stuck in my head for some time by the master story teller, Johnny McEvoy.

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#1737: YouTube video by drivermciver
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