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Oh, boys, did you hear of the shower?
From Russia we're getting brown flour;
With a mixture of bran and corn meal it is grand,
Guaranteed to rise in one hour.

Some say for duff it has power,
For more their bread turned out sour;
If you want to get fat, and wear a quiff hat,
Just try a sack of brown flour.

Eat one slice and be merry,
You'll turn so red as a cherry;
The doctors all claim out in Holland and Spain,
It kills and it cures berri-berri.

It's far before the Diana,
It smells just like a banana;
When you lie down to rest, you'll wish you went west,
Killing buffalos out in Montana.

Do what you will in the summer,
In the winter you'll go like a bummer;
Your merchant declares, you're back in arrears,
He'll send you away, he's a hummer.

In Fogo there is a big station,
You have nine miles to walk for your ration;
On the door at the back of the court-house you'll rap,
Touch your cap and walk in, it's the fashion.

Be careful in answering questions,
And don't make any suggestions;
The bobby's not slack, he's right at your back,
In his pockets there's handcuff connections.

The first is your family and ages,
Your accounts to show the list of your wages;
Potatoes and grass, we'll bring in at last,
Are you living in houses or cages?

He will pass you a slip, here's your money,
With everything on it but honey;
Sugar and spice, canned milk and rice,
Why to get this good food it is funny.

Now, you've work to do for your ration,
It's harder then doing dictation;
You're a pauper you know, and you must shovel snow,
This will help 'em reduce the taxation.

####.... Christopher Theodore (Chris) Cobb [1897-1968] of Barr'd Islands, Fogo, NL, 1926 ....####
Collected in 1952 by Kenneth Peacock from the composer, Chris Cobb of Barred Island, NL, and published in Songs Of The Newfoundland Outports, Vol 1, pp.46-47, by The National Museum of Canada (1965) Crown Copyrights Reserved, and recorded on the album Songs and Ballads of Newfoundland, Folkways FG 3505, LP (1956) trk#B.02.

Kenneth Peacock noted that this song dates from the late 1920s or 1930s.

From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Duff - pudding made of flour and water, sometimes with suet and raisins added, boiled in a cloth bag; cloth pudding, figgy duff, stogger.
Quiff - man's soft felt hat with brim; fedora.


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