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Deep and dark are my true love's eyes,
Blacker still is the winter's turning,
As the sadness of parting proves;
And brighter now is the lantern burning,
That lightens my path to love.

No fiddle tune can take the air,
But I'll see her swift feet a-dancing,
And the swirl of her long brown hair;
Her smiling face and her dark eyes glancing,
As we stepped out Blinkbonny Fair.

And if my waiting prove in vain,
I will pack and track ever take me,
And the long road will ease my pain;
No gem of womankind will make me,
E'er whisper love's words again.

For in drink I'll seek good company,
My ears will ring with the tavern's laughter,
And I'll hear not her last sweet sighs;
Then who's to know in the morning after,
That I long for her dear dark eyes?

####.... Archie Fisher © Keady Music ....####
Published in Stan Rogers: Songs From Fogarty's Cove, p.36.

Recorded by Stan Rogers (Turnaround, trk#1, 1978, Fogarty's Cove Music, Dundas, Ontario).

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Note from Archie Fisher posted at The Mudcat Café 23 March 2007:

"The tune came from an itinerant guitarist who visited Edinburgh in the 60s called Johnny Saturday... He was travelling with a Chris Wertenbaker who I think is the brother of the writer Timberlake Wertenbaker... I loved the tune and when I played it to my mother she began to hum along as she thought it was a Gaelic song air that she had heard when she was younger... She told me a rough outline of the story... (It's always unrequited love in Gaeldom) and the song came out... Only the name has been changed to protect a lovely lassie's reputation!"


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