The Herring Store Song (Jakeman School)

Ten long hours to the keeler,
Is more than a man can stand;
Ten long hours to the keeler,
Breaks the heart of a young man.

Jimmy Payne is our time keeper,
Arch is the cooper;
Jack Pike is the second hand,
And Franklin is the commander.

We have lots of laughs off Brazil Brake,
The cook-ee thinks we're all alike;
Harv Hann sits over there by the stand,
He throws the tea bags with his left hand;
Pie Barnes is the buller,
Gorden is the barrel roller;
And we're workin' hard at the keeler.

Leonard White dips the herring on the stand,
Doug Burden is our slaving man;
Steward and George are the innocent men,
They're up from dinner and they're at it again.
Norm White is our tally hand,
Johnny Crocker is our youngest man;
Joe Crocker spits tobacco all around,
He spit one lot on Tessie's gown.

Nelson Barnes is a kind young man,
Jack and Noel are the two Frenchmen;
Wayne and Hughie are the two nice guys,
One of these days they'll meet new brides.
Duke and Scott are the cutest men,
They sit over at the other end;
Walter is our bus driver,
And we're on our way to the keeler.

Charl and Rodderick are the drinkin' men,
It's Saturday and they're at it again;
Alex is our newest man,
Lawrence Crocker is the darkest man.
Pat Bulter is the curly headed man,
He tries to smile whenever he can;
When the payroll do roll in,
You can look at Pat an' he's smilin' again.

Enzel is the bald-headed man,
Lukey is the kneeler;
Bussey is the barrel header,
And we're workin' hard at the keeler.

Hockey is the quietest man,
Algon wears the rosy red tam;
Rancie works on the filter stand,
J B is the slowest hand.
Georgie is the biggest eater,
Eric is the barrel maker;
When the herring is all cut,
We'll have to leave the keeler.

Robert came from an up-to-date crowd,
He tries to work, but he's not allowed;
Charl's feet is always turned in,
You can look at Calv and he's smokin' again.
Carl Butler hardly talks at all,
You can look. Heck, he's almost bald;
Ene White is our salter,
And we'll see you next fall at the keeler.

And we're saying good-bye to the keeler.

####.... Rodderick Payne, Wayne White, Hughie Brake, music by Calvin White (1970). Published on-line by Jakeman All Grades School, Trout River, NL ....####
From Merriam-Webster:
Keeler - a broad shallow tub (as for a liquid or washing something).


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