Untitled (Naaman Bulter)

We went into the woods one day up to our knees in snow,
The horses they got bocky and they refused to go;
Along came a farmer as mad as he could be,
Because the horses would not go he blamed it all on me.

And now we're headed, we're headed for the camp,
We were so hungry our stomachs took a cramp;
We went into the kitchen expecting something nice,
And all the cook gave us was a giant bowl of rice.

We can not live on rice only, we're not Chinamen,
I guess we're gonna quit the camp and never go back again;
Oh the cook, the cook he thinks that he's grand,
He came from Nova Scotia and thought 'twas Newfoundland.

####.... Naaman Bulter ....####
Published on-line by Jakeman All Grades School, Trout River, NL.


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