Wooden Car (James Gordon)

His grandfather said when Max sat on his knee,
Here's how to make a proud gramps out of me:
Remember these words and remember them good,
"Nothing's made right if it's not made of wood."

Well, some people they dream about being a star,
But Max here would dream about building a car;
And when he built his dream it was mighty unique,
It's built from mahogony and trimmed with teak!

From St Bride's to Cook's Harbour and all 'round the island,
You see Max go by and it sets you to smilin';
The times are still hard and the fishin's no good,
But Max Barrett's got a car made out of wood!

From bumper to bumper from the roof to the floor,
He's made it as strong as his grandfather's dory;
The dashboard is really a board and you see,
The trunk it is made from the trunk of a tree.

It's faster than a pine tree, but it's pretty slow,
No metal to put the pedal to; Oh,
The gas mileage is good but he's getting her geared up,
So he can run her on pure maple syrup.

Your Chryslers, your Hondas, your Fords and GMs,
Your Volvos, Toyotas, well, you can have them;
Cuz they'll all be nothing but piles of rust,
Long before Max's car turns to sawdust!

####.... James Gordon ©1999 (Songs From Basic Black, Pipe Street Publishing) ....####


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