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Lindsay was my first love, she was in my class,
I would have loved to take her out,
but I was too shy to ask;
The fullness of my feeling was never made clear,
But I send her my love, and a bang on the ear.

Nora was my girl when I first was in a group,
I can still see her to this day, stirring chicken soup;
Now she's living in Australia, working as an auctioneer,
I send her my love, and a bang on the ear.

Deborah broke my heart, and I the willing fool,
I fell for her one summer, on the road to Liverpool;
I thought it was forever,
but it was over within the year,
I send her my love, and a bang on the ear.

The home I made with Bella became a house of pain,
We weathered it together, bound by a ball and chain;
It started up in Fife, it ended up in tears,
I send her my love, and a bang on the ear.

Krista was a rover, from Canada she hailed,
We crossed swords in San Francisco,
we both lived to tell the tale;
I don't know now where she is,
oh, but if I had her here!
I'd give her my love, and a bang on the ear.

So, my woman of the hearth fire, harbour of my soul,
I watch you lightly sleeping,
I sense the dream that does unfold;
You to me are treasure, you to me are dear,
I'll give you my love, and a bang on the ear.

####.... Mike Scott. Steve Wickham and Anthony Thistlewaite of the Waterboys ....####
Recorded by the Waterboys (Fisherman's Blues, trk#7, 1988 CD, Ensign Records and Chrysalis Records, UK, produced by Mike Scott, Vinnie Killduff, Bob Johnston and John Dunford, recorded in Ireland at Windmill Lane Studio, Dublin, and Spiddal House, Galway [1986-1988] and distributed by Rhino Entertainment).

From Wikipedia: Confusion amongst listeners about what a bang on the ear might be about, prompted The Waterboys' Frequently Asked Questions page to note more than ten years later that it was "a term of affection". A "bang" means a kiss and this Irish phrase of "bang on the ear" can best be considered equivalent to the more common phrase "peck on the cheek".


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