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Come all you mainlanders and listen unto me,
For I will sing a song to you of the people and the sea;
It's about us noble Newfies and the rugged life we live,
We fish the sea and work the land from morning until night.

If you ever come to Newfoundland to tour our rugged isle,
You can take route one hundred which leads you to St Bride's;
To go there on a summer's day and see the cod fishery,
It will remind you of bygone days back in history.

It brought our ancestors here, and to this very day,
Continues to be a part of life down in Placentia Bay;
You can visit Cape St Mary's and watch the gannets fly,
And see the sand in Point Lance, it's dazzling to the eye.

In Branch there is the Western Cove and Beckford to be seen,
The pretty girls are out there, too, and the air is fresh and clean;
From Come By Chance To Placentia and all along the way,
From St Bride's to Argentia it's all Placentia Bay.

The smell of hay on a summer's eve as the setting sun goes down,
Reminds me of my Newfie life in these little outport towns;
In fall it is hunting time back on the old Cape Shore,
We hunt the moose, the partridge, and rabbits by the score.

At Christmas time we have a ball out on the old Cape Shore,
The rum and beer and Newfie Screech is out here by galore;
We get together now and then and have a little spree,
We are closely united and we live down by the sea.

In spring it's back to the fishing boats and working of the land,
We try to preserve the traditional ways of life in Newfoundland;
Confederation in forty-nine it changed our way of life,
And many people left these coves to seek a better life.

From Lab City to Toronto and across the USA,
You will always find a Newfie from Placentia Bay;
Despite the people who left us and wandered far away,
Our way of life still flourishes back in Placentia Bay.

So why not come to Newfoundland for a summer holiday,
And come on out to visit us in Placentia Bay;
Fish and Brewis and rabbit stew are part of what we eat,
Our home brew and our Newfie Screech will take you off your feet.

I'll always be a Newfie and live down by the sea,
I'll fish the sea, I'll work the land and that'll be life for me;
Our way of life is simple, boys, as you can plainly see,
It's a typical life of a Cape Shore man who lives down by the sea.
It's a typical life of a Cape Shore man who lives down by the sea.

####.... Jerome Manning ....####
The video above features this original song sung by Jerome Manning on a compilation album by various artists (St Bride's - Cuslett Come Home Year '99, trk#3, 1999, published by the St Bride's - Cuslett Come Home Year Committee, St Bride's - Cuslett, NL, produced, recorded and mixed by Kevin Collins at Sawyer Hill Productions, Placentia, NL).

An abbreviated version was arranged by Peter Conway and recorded by Island Head Country (My Cape Shore Home, 1993).


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