Fishing Seasons (David Francey)

Lobster, haddock, pollock, cod,
The seasons come and go;
From early morn till eventide,
Our lives move to and fro.

And it's Tom Cod and Shoal Place,
And Frying Pan and yonder;
In breezes fair or heavy fog,
Our humble boats do wander.

We cast our nets and haul them in,
Give thanks for blessings reaped;
Catching sight of land once more,
In love our hearts are steeped.

Seagulls circling high above,
Such a view of life!
In our minds we fly with them,
And soon forget our strife.

Boats hauled upon the shore,
Time to have a rest;
Memories surface now and then,
Those days they were the best.

My life has been so rich and full,
A gift from God above;
I'd like to thank you each and all,
For your laughter and your love.

My story now has reached its end,
But be of gentle sorrow;
A brand new story lights itself,
With the coming of tomorrow.

####.... Bethany B Keddy ....####
Recorded in the CBC Studio, St John's, on Monday, 17 March, 2002, by David Francey, backed by Dave Clarke on guitar and Jim Payne on accordion, for a CBC compilation of All For A Song recordings.

Note: Tom Cod, Shoal Place, and Frying Pan are names of inshore fishing grounds on Nova Scotia's east coast.


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