As Good As The Seals (Tim Brown)

It's hard to believe what we're seeing today,
The Newfoundland fisherman fading away;
But unlike the rain forest, eagles or seals,
No one gives a damn how the fisherman feels.

If Bridget Bardot could come here to the isle,
In the middle of winter to cuddle a swile;
How much could it cost if she threw us a kiss,
Or cuddled a fisherman close to her breast?

Then maybe the people all over the land,
Would stand up and fight for the poor fisherman;
And some of the people could start an appeal,
While Bridget pretends that she's hugging a seal.

I don't know about you, but I know Uncle Nels
Would be thankful for Bridget or anyone else;
Who would give him a cuddle or kind word or wish,
He's been some down-hearted since they won't let him fish.

And Aunt Millie told me she'd give the whole world,
She'd even allow Uncle Nels with that girl;
And pay for her passage to come to their place,
If she could just put a smile on the old fellers face.

"It would be well worth the money," she said with a sigh,
"If bridget could put the glint back in his eye;
And deaden the hate that he feels in his heart,
And keep poor Uncle Nels from just falling apart."

There's fellers from Fortune who'd perk up, I know,
If they could be cuddled by Bridget Bardot;
And the fellers from Fogo would dance jigs and reels,
if Bridget would treat them as good as the seals.

Now, out 'round the bay where they're crying for help,
And all that their catchin' is a net full of kelp;
They could have a few dollars and pay for their boats,
If they could sell off one of Bridget's fur coats.

But the rest of the country just don't give a hoot,
'Cause the fisherman's rough and the white coats are cute;
We don't want your favours or government deals,
We just want to be treated as good as the seals.

####.... Tim Brown (Old Fellers Like Me, Volume One, trk#3, ©1993, Independent, recorded at Music Town Productions, Gambo, NL) ....####
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From the Dictionary Of Newfoundland English:
Swile - seal.


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