Side Of The Hill (Tim Brown)
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I was barely eighteen
when the Lord gave me Willie,
Just a scared country girl
and a small baby boy;
But the joys of the world
seemed to double with Willie,
And we grew up together,
Willie and I.

How many sweet hours
did we spend in the meadow,
Picking wild berries
and eating our fill?
Then we crossed the green valley
and watched as the sun set,
While we lay down to rest
on the side of the hill.

Left alone by his father
before he could know him,
I was six months along
and had no way to tell;
That the love he had promised
would not last forever,
And I watched as he left
on the side of the hill.

He was barely eighteen
when the government called him,
Just a scared country boy,
my own darling Will;
It tore me apart
when he left for the battle,
As I kissed him good-bye
on the side of the hill.

Just two letters later
they sent me a message,
Some stranger's bullet
had fallen my Will;
My heart burst inside
and I ran 'cross the valley,
And lay down and cried
on the side of the hill.

It was early in autumn
when they brought home his body,
No one knew the anguish,
there was no one to tell;
Still draped in the flag
that the government gave him,
I laid him to rest
on the side of the hill.

Now, I know you're a stranger
admiring the beauty,
Of this lovely green valley
from the side of the hill;
But won't you forgive me
for sharing my burden?
But my burden is heavy
while I wait to join Will.

I stood there in silence
as she told me her story,
God took back her heart
when He took her Will;
Nevermore would their laughter
ring 'cross that green valley,
She had buried her heart
on the side of the hill.

Oh, how could I tell her
or beg her forgiveness?
No one knows the anguish,
there is no one to tell;
That though I had left them
alone in the valley,
My heart stayed behind
on the side of the hill.

Then I heard a soft whisper
as it rose from the valley,
Her face grew so peaceful
as if time stood still;
'Twas the voice of her Willie
calling her from the valley,
And they left me alone
on the side of the hill.
And they left me alone
on the side of the hill.

####.... Tim Brown ....####
Recorded by Tim Brown (The Old Picket Fence, Volume II, trk#9, 1994, engineered and produced by Wince Coles).

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