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Far across the rolling plains,
Red River carts go winding,
To the line of land and sky,
to find one more horizon;
Hear the groaning of the wheels,
the creaking of the leather,
Overlanders on the move,
and the trail goes on forever.

Catherine rode a buckskin mare,
Augustus rode along beside her,
With their daughter and two sons,
and a child that stirred inside her;
Down that long and desperate road
they boldly westward wandered,
Till they crossed the Great Divide,
high among the shining mountains.

One more mountain left to climb,
one more river left to cross,
How they made it heaven knows,
too damned many miles to walk;
It must be love that sees you through,
love that heals the sorrow,
Help you through the troubled times,
help you chase each new tomorrow.

Down canyons forged in stone,
the winter snow came flying,
The children (turned to bones)
heard their mother's bitter crying;
Catherine said, "I can't go on,
leave me here forever!"
But Augustus drove them on, said,
"We'll make it through together!"

Now every journey ends,
just like every story,
You do what must be done
and find in that your glory;
Now they say of those who dreamed,
who boldly westward wandered,
No finer words than these:
"There goes an Overlander!"

####.... Bill Gallaher ©1993. Performance rights administered by SOCAN. All rights reserved ....####

Recorded by Bill Gallaher (The Road West, 1993) and (The Last Battle - The Best Of Bill Gallaher And John Galbraith, 1995)

Liner Notes: Augustus and Catherine Schubert were among the Overlanders who made the harrowing journey West in 1862 from Fort Garry (Winnipeg) to the Cariboo gold fields in British Columbia. The journey took nearly 5 months and Catherine gave birth to a baby girl on the river bank just north of Kamloops.

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