Back To The Sea (Tim Brown)

Oh, the everyday stress of just stayin' alive,
The things that's expected of me to survive;
Changing conditions in the valley of tears,
Makes me want to go back and forget all my cares.

Oft times when I'm troubled and laden with pain,
I want to recapture what it meant to me;
Just close my heart, let my mind drift away,
And follow the sunset at the close of the day.

And once in a while it drifts back to the sea,
Back to the way that it used to be;
Back to my past, to the essence of me,
Oh, once in a while I go back to the sea.

Then reality wakes me and brings back my mind,
I mourn all the simple things I've left behind;
I weep for my childhood and I pray for the sea,
And it hurts me to know that somewhere I lost me.

When frustrations and anger takes over my being,
I try to remember a lad and his dreams;
And once more I sail and my mind drifts along,
Reaching uncharted shores with the breaking of dawn.

Yes, once in a while my mind drifts to the sea,
And captures the way that it used to be;
Brings back the past, the essence of me,
Lord, once in a while it takes me back to the sea.....
Every once in a while I get back to the sea.

####.... Tim Brown ....####

Recorded by Tim Brown (The Old Picket Fence, Vol. 2, trk#17; 1994, Wince Coles, Engineer and Producer).

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