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#79: YouTube video by quickaccent2006
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I wish I was in Carrickfergus,
Only for nights in Ballygrand;
I would swim over the deepest ocean,
Only for nights in Ballygrand.

Ah! But the sea is wide and I cannot swim over,
Nor have I the wings to fly;
I wish I could meet now, a handsome boatman,
To ferry me over to my love and I.

But in Kilkenny it is reported,
They have marble stones there as black as ink;
With gold and silver I did support her,
But I'll sing no more now till I get a drink.

I'm drunk today and I'm seldom sober,
A handsome rover from town to town;
Ah, but I'm sick now, my days are numbered,
Come all you young men and lay me down.
Come all you young men and lay me down.

####.... Author unknown. Variant of a recording by Dominic Behan (The Irish Rover, Folklore, 1961) based on the ballad sheet, The Young Sick Lover, printed by Haly of Cork sometime between 1830 and 1840, and archived at the National Library of Ireland per information provided by John Moulden and Philippa in Origins of Carrickfergus, a thread at the Digital Tradition Forum in January, 2000 ....####
This arrangement by Ryan's Fancy (Looking Back, trk#1, 1972 LP, Audat Records, Oshawa, Ontario, produced by Ryan's Fancy and Bob Stone for Media Artists Services Fivetake Group Productions Limited, recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia).

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A variant was also recorded by Siochána on a compilation album of various artists (Cops For Cancer - On The Beat, trk#13, 2000 cassette, Cops For Cancer, St John's, NL, executive producer: Darrin Feehan, recorded, produced, mixed and engineered by Don Walsh and mastered at Dadyeen Studios, St John's, NL).
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The video below features an excellent performance of a variant by Sean Kenny of Port au Port East, NL.

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#1109: YouTube video by drivermciver
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The video below features an excellent performance of a variant by Padraig Grimes of Castlebar, Ireland.

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#2489: YouTube video by Padraig Grimes
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