Cry Like A Child (Tim Brown)

I hauled up me old skiff when I took up me gear,
And applied for me old-pension cheque;
It seems like I only start'd workin' last year,
Never dreamed that I'd grow old this quick.

I fought a good fight and I won now and then,
And I never once ran from the fray;
Now I'm fighting a battle with no chance to win,
Seems my whole life has wasted away.

But I put on a front for a fortnight or two,
And I curse on me fate for a while;
But a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do,
So I broke down and cried like a child.

Don't seem quite fair in this world full of strife,
That an old man's got nothin' to give;
And he's left high and dry for the rest of his life,
When he's just barely learned how to live.

Well, I never more on ship that paddles at sea,
Or sail by the stars in the sky;
Is there anything left for an old man like me,
Or will my last voice be dry?

Though the days run together, there's only a few
That I manage to put on a smle;
If a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do,
This man wants to cry like a child.....
Think I'll break down and cry like a child.

####.... Tim Brown (The Old Picket Fence, Volume II, trk#13, 1994, engineered and produced by Wince Coles) ....####

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